How far can I travel in your pontoons or paddleboards?

We will review with you a detailed map outlining our allowed areas of operation.  There are many areas to avoid along the waterway, and the only other restriction is the length of your reservation.

Can I bring alcohol aboard?

Alcohol is allowed on any of our vessels. Operator is not allowed to operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

What items should I bring with me?

1. Appropriate clothing for the weather and your type of outing. (Optional: change of clothes.)
2. Sunscreen, hat, and cover shirt to prevent sunburn.
3. Plenty of water or sports drinks (No glass please).
4. Ziploc or waterproof bags for securing important items.
5. Give careful consideration before bringing expensive items that you can’t get wet (cameras and phones).

What is the cancellation policy?

We allow cancelations up to 72 hours prior to the day reserved. We prefer to reschedule at no additional fee or a $40 processing fee is assessed if canceled. We will cancel if we determine severe weather conditions or vessel breakdown and rebook for no additional fee or cancel for the $40 processing fee. Our intention is to rebook you so that you have an enjoyable boating day.

Do you have any policies regarding bringing children?

Children are welcome on all our vessels! No one other than lessee may operate our powerboats. All minors must be accompanied by a guardian when using our kayaks or paddle boards. We provide US Coast Guard approved life jackets for all ages and sizes. Anyone under 13 must wear the life jacket at all times.

How many poeole can I have on board the pontoon?

Our 18' boats are rated to handle up to 6 passengers
Our 20' boats are rated to handle up to 8 passengers

Are we allowed to bring pets on your boats?

Pets are allowed on our powerboats.  After your outting, we will perform a walkthrough looking for any damage.  Pets claws are potentially damaging to the upholstery so be aware that you will be more succeptible to fabric damage with a pet. Pets are allowed on the paddleboards as well. Please use good judgment in terms of assessing your pets experience and comfort on the water.

Can we fish from the pontoons?

Yes! We encourage fishing, as long as you are keeping the deck and seats clean from any fish innards or debris. There are several very good places to fish along the River. If you wish to spend a day reeling in big fish, we recommend renting one of our 18' pontoons.  We find smallmouth bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, channel catfish, and gar to name some of the most popular catches.

Is the price of fuel included in the total?

Absolutely!  We want the process of returning the boat to be as seamless as possible.  When its time for your return, we will ensure that there is no damage to the boat, sign you out, and then you can be off on your way.  We will take care of all the cleanup and fueling from there!

Do you sell the boats at the end of the season?

Yes we do! Find out more information about purchasing one of our pontoons over the phone and we can schedule a time to meet and take a closer look at the boats with you!

What time do I need to return my rental by?

Please return by the time agreed to when you departed; late returns will be charged a fee.

Do you offer any special training?

Our Dockmaster Tyler is a certified National Safe Boating Council instructor.  If you feel that you need to have a hands on learing experience before operation one of our vessels, we encourage it!  We offer premium training sessions on Tuesday mornings to ensure that you are set up for success when your reservation time comes!  Classes are open to the public, no reservation required.

Can you make a reservation at The Lilly Pad for when we return?

Of course!  We would be more than happy to put in a reservation for the end of your reservation. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PARTY SIZE IN THE NOTES SECTION UPON CHECKOUT, DAY OF REQUESTS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BE ACCOMMODATED Subject to availability